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The Gerasene Demoniac


Mark 5:1-20

Miracle 9: The Sacred Geometry Story

This is the 9th of the 8+8+8 (24) miracles Jesus performed in this gospel. English gospel translations of the Greek text in this story are not accurate. In the previous story Jesus showed he had power over nature. In this story Jesus will send unclean spirits into nature. Jesus and the disciples land in the region of the Gerasenes. The disciples play no role in this story. Having come out of his boat, Jesus met a demoniac out of the tombs, a man in an unclean spirit. Verses 3-5 give a flashback history of the demoniac. The man prostrates before Jesus as the unclean spirit pleads not to be tortured. Jesus asks the spirit for a name. It answers, "Legion is a name of me because we are many." Jesus commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man. The spirits begged Jesus to send them into a herd of pigs feeding on a mountain. Jesus turned it over to them and they rushed down the slope into the sea where 'about 2000' of them were choked in the sea. The ones feeding the pigs reported into the city and fields what happened. The demoniac was now cured but the people were afraid and asked Jesus to leave. Jesus stepped into the boat and told the former demoniac to underlead into his house. After telling his family what Jesus did for him, he left and proclaimed in the Decapolis what Jesus did and everyone marveled. This 20 verse story contains 50 gematria diagrams. The 9th of 24 miracles is revealed in the text and four diagrams of verse 13 which contains 30 gospel text words. The gematria diagrams conclusively show the pigs are not pigs and not a single pig was drowned.

The Setting: the region of the Garasenes by the city of Decapolis across the sea of Galilee from Capernaum.

The Characters: Jesus, his disciples, a demoniac possessed by thousands of unclean spirits, a nobody, the most high God, a herd of pigs, some swineherds, people from the fields and the city (citizens of Decapolis), the family of the demoniac.

Signs of objects used in the story: the sea, a boat, tombs, chains, fetters, night, day, mountains, the name, Legion, the region, the slope, stones, about two thousand, city, fields, a house, mercy.

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