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Jesus Cures Blind Bartimaeus


Mark 10:46-52

The Miracle

Earlier (Mk 8:22-26), Jesus cured one unnamed blind man with extensive physical effort (taking him by the hand, spitting in his eyes, putting his hands on his eyes and tongue) and then refusing the cured man to follow him to Jerusalem. Jesus will now cure this named blind man with no physical effort, by just declaring him cured, and allowing Bartimaeus to follow him on "the way" to Jerusalem. Bible translations say a large crowd (oxlou hikanou) witnessed this miracle. The gospel text may be a little ambiguous about the size of the crowd. The diagram says this may be a case of ironic word play. The sacred geometry story using signs and gematria will show and explain how this miracle was done.

The Sacred Geometry Story

The Setting: On the road after passing through Jericho.

The signs of 7 characters used in the story: Jesus the Nazarene, 'Son of David,' the disciples of Jesus, Timeaus, Bartimeaus a blind beggar, Rabboni, a sufficient crowd.

The signs of 13 objects used in the story: Jericho, the way, 7 characters, the himation (tunic), belief, mercy, and courage.

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