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Jesus Cures a Fever

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Mark 1:29-39

Miracles 2 and 3:
Jesus exorcises invisible and visible demons
The Sacred Geometry Story

For miracle 2, Jesus cures Simon's mother in law of a fever inside the door of Simon's house during the day. This is the first miracle involving an invisible demon causing a fever.

For miracle 3, Jesus cures many people with visible demons causing various diseases outside the door of Simon's house during the night. The intelligent reader should realize that when Jesus cured someone, exorcising a demon and curing an illness were one and the same thing. A demon is just another name for an unclean spirit. It also didn't matter if Jesus destroyed the unclean spirit inside or outside a house, or during the day or at night. The gospel shows there are many kinds of unclean spirits. Some breeds are visible to the reader because the gospel tells us up front Jesus is dealing with a demon or an unclean spirit. Other breeds are invisible to the reader because the gospel only tells us the symptoms of a sick person, it does not tell us if the person is possessed by a demon or an unclean spirit. The reader needs to use his brain and gematria to prove it.

The Setting: The synagogue in Capernaum.

The Characters: Jesus, Simon, Andrew, James, John, Simon's mother in law, all the people in Capernaum, an undeclared demon, some declared demons.

Objects and actions mentioned in the story: a house, a fever, a hand, an evening, the sun, a door, the night, the wilderness, speaking, praying, a village-town, Galilee.

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