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Jesus Heals a Man with a Dry Hand

Mark 3:1-6

Miracle 6: The Sacred Geometry Story

For the sixth of his 24 miracles in Mark, Jesus again enters his hometown synagogue on a Sabbath where he performed his first miracle by exorcising and destroying an Unclean Spirit who said to him "Have you come to destroy us?" (Mk 1:24). A man with a dried hand was there. The diagram shows the man's dried hand is attached to this second Unclean Spirit. The pharisees were watching to see if Jesus would cure the man so they could charge him with doing work on the Sabbath. Jesus rebuked the pharisees by asking them if it was lawful to do good or evil on the Sabbath. Jesus then told the man to stretch out his withered hand. When the man did what Jesus said the Unclean Spirit was immediately destroyed and the man was immediately cured. The Herodians and pharisees then consulted how they might destroy Jesus like he destroyed the Unclean Spirit.

The Setting: the synagogue in Capernaum.

The Characters: Jesus, a man with a dry hand, an evil unclean spirit, two pharisees, and two Herodians.

The signs of objects used in the story: the synagogue, the characters, a Sabbath, a dry hand, good, evil, a soul, a hard heart, the middle.

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