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Jesus Calms the Wind and the Sea

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Mark 4:35-41

Miracle 8: The Sacred Geometry Story

This is the 8th of the 8+8+8 (24) miracles Jesus performed in this gospel and the first miracle Jesus has over nature. The diagram for verse 37 shows that God the Father has control of the wind. Jesus the Son is aware of the wind and waves even when he is sleeping. Jesus allowed the storm to "happen" in order to test the faith of the disciples. The storm was one of the many lessons he gave to his disciples to reveal and prove his true identity to them, that he was the Son of God, God made flesh. The miracle is revealed in the text and four diagrams for verse 39. The 117 carefully crafted words and the order in which they are told tells the story so that the words always seem to land next to their signs and to fill the diagrams with no room to spare.

The Setting: the sea shore by Capernaum, then a boat on the Sea of Galilee.

Characters: Jesus, a crowd, and the twelve disciples.

Signs of objects mentioned in the story: the boat and it's stern, little boats, the whirlwind and the wind, the thing for the head, the sea and it's waves.

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