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The Sacred Geometry Mysteries of Christianity

Jesus Heals at Gennesaret

Mark 6:53-56

Miracle 15: The Sacred Geometry Story

After Jesus walked on water and calmed the sea, the boat crossed over to the nearest harbor and anchored. Jesus will quickly perform his 15th miracle when he allows his garments to be touched. Coming out of the boat, people recognized Jesus and carried around ones with illness on their beds to the market place. The gematria diagrams show anyone having an illness was always possessed by an unclean spirit. The ones possessed with illness begged Jesus if they might touch a hem of his garments. The diagrams for verse 56d and 56e show how the men who did what the text words said were saved.

The Scene: the city and region of Gennesaret.

Characters: Jesus, "they" (the twelve disciples, the residents of Gennesaret), ones having illness.

Objects mentioned in the story: the boat, the region, beds, cities, villages, fields, marketplaces, hem of a garment.

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