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Jesus Exorcises and Raises a Little Boy
Possessed by an Unclean Spirit

Mark 9:14-29

Miracle 20: The Sacred Geometry Story

After descending from the Mount of Transfiguration, Jesus, Simon, John, and James came before the other disciples and about them a crowd including some scribes. Jesus asked the crowd what they were arguing about. The father carried his son before Jesus and complained his disciples were not able to exorsize a non-talking Spirit from him. When the Unclean Spirit saw Jesus, it convulsed the child. The father said the Unclean Spirit cast the boy into fire and waters all of his childhood. The father then asked Jesus to have compassion and help them. Jesus then commanded the Unclean Spirit to come out and never return. The Unclean Spirit came out but vindictfully shook the little boy so much he cried out (probably from pain), had great convulsions, and seemingly died. Many in the crowd then said he died. In verse 27 Jesus was in position to perform his miracle. Jesus grasped the hand of the boy and roused him. Through gematria, the Unclean Spirit was destroyed and the boy stood up, raised back to life. Entering a house his disciples asked him, "Why were we not able to cast it out?" Jesus said, "This breed by nothing is able to be cast out if not by prayer and fasting." The little boy, like the daughter of Jairus in miracle 11, also never said anything, but was given something to eat after she was cured. If you can see the connection between these two children you can figure out how Jesus cured this little boy.

The Setting: An unnamed town or village near the Mount of Transfiguration.

The 7 unique signs of the characters: Jesus, the twelve disciples, a crowd, two scribes, and the father of a little boy possessed by an Unclean Spirit.

Signs of 15 Objects mentioned in the story: 7 characters, teeth, tears, fire, water, time, a house, prayer, a fast.

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