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Jesus Cures the Blind Man of Bethsaida

Mark 8:22-26

Miracle 19: The Sacred Geometry Story

This miracle is only found in Mark's gospel. In this story Jesus and the disciples come into Bethsaida. Four men bring a blind man who has a house outside of Bethsaida to Jesus and beg him to touch him. The gematria diagram shows the blind man is possessed by an Unclean Spirit that causes blindness. Nobody but Jesus can see it. Jesus then leads the man out of Bethsaida towards his house. Jesus then performs three gematria operations on the blind man. He first spits in his eyes. Then Jesus touches his eyes with his hands. Then Jesus gives the man an eye exam. The partially blind man then says "he sees the men that as trees walking around!" The gematria diagram shows you clearly exactly what the man was seeing! This diagram alone is worth the price of the book. Jesus then performs his third operation on the man. He again touches his hands on the eyes of the man which destroys the Unclean Spirit. Jesus completed his 19th miracle in verse 25. The diagram shows the man seeing through it, everything mentioned before, radiantly all the way to Jesus. In verse 26 Jesus then sends the man into his house and tells him not to go into the village. Why did Jesus say that to him? There was a very good reason!! The gematria diagram will show you why!

The Setting: The village of Bethsaida.

The Characters: Jesus, the twelve disciples, four men who bring a blind man to Jesus, an unmentioned Unclean Spirit of blindness.

The Objects mentioned in the story: spit, trees, hands, eyes, everything, a house outside the village of Bethsaida.

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