Jesus 8880 > Sea of Galilee

Jesus cures some men possessed with scourges
inside seven vast multitudes by the sea


Mark 3:7-12

Miracle 7: The Sacred Geometry Story

Jesus and his first four disciples went away before the sea. A 'vast multitude' from Galilee, Judea, Jerusalem, Idumea, the other side of the Jordan, Tyre, and Sidon followed him. A 'multitude vast' hearing everything he did came before him. For the 7th of his 8+8+8 miracles, Jesus 'cured many' men with scourges who were possessed by Unclean Spirits following and listening to Jesus from inside these seven crowds. As soon as they saw him, the unclean spirits fell towards Jesus and cried out the Messianic secret. Jesus told the unclean spirits to keep his secret, that he was the Son of God. Jesus wanted to delay the authorities from killing him before he completed his ministry.

Setting: A space before the Sea of Galilee.

5 Unique Characters: Jesus, Son of God, four disciples, seven crowds, Unclean Spirits.

10 Signs of objects used in the story: the space, the Sea of Galilee, 5 classes of characters, a small boat, a few scourges, some Unclean Spirits.

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