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4:35 And he says to them in that the day had become an evening, "Let us come through into the other side."
4:36 And leaving the crowd, ...
  they get beside him, like he was in the boat, ...
  And other little boats were with him.
4:37 And a great whirlwind of wind happened.
  And the waves cast into the boat so that already the boat was being filled.
4:38 And he was in the stern on the "thing for the head" sleeping down.
  And they raise him and say to him, "Teacher, does it not matter to you that we are perishing?"
4:39 And having been roused, he rebuked the wind, and he spoke to the sea.
  "Be Still, Be Silenced!"
  And the wind died away.
  And there was a great calm.
4:40 And he said to them, ... "Why are you cowardly?"
  "Not yet are you having belief?"
4:41 And they were afraid, a great fear.
  And they said to one another, ... "Who then this is, ..."
  "that even the wind and the sea obey him?"

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