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3:01 And he entered again into the synagogue.
  And there was a man there having the dry hand.
3:02 And they were watching him (to see) if on the Sabbaths he would heal him, ...
  so that then they might accuse him.
3:03 And he says to the man, the one having the dry hand, ...
  Rise into the middle.
3:04 And he says to them, ... Is it permitted to do good on the Sabbaths or to do evil, ... ?
  to save a soul, or to kill?
  They but were silent.
3:05 And having looked around at them with anger, being deeply grieved upon the hardness of their heart, ...
  he says to the man, ... "Stretch out the hand!"
  He stretched out and his hand was restored.
3:06 And going out, the pharisees immediately with the Herodians held a consultation together against him, ...
  as to how they might destroy him.

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