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Mk 9:1a ... And he was saying to them, ... "Amen I say to you, ..."

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Verse 1a sets the scene of Jesus and his disciples standing one on top of the other as they prepare to climb “the mountain” in verse 2.

Mk 9:1b ... "that there are some here of the ones having stood, ..."

Jesus picks three of the twelve disciples (Simon, James, and John) to stand before him. The mountain is an equilateral triangle inscribed in the raised Jesus circle (8880) and the Jesus (888), Simon Peter (1925), and the James (1103) and John (1119) are each represented as circles with circumferences equal to the "number" of their names. (Note: This image is not the one in the book)

The riddle begins with some amazing points of initial tangency:

  • John and James are "standing" at the bottom of the graph.
  • Simon Peter is simultaneously "standing" on John and James and the base of the mountain,
  • Jesus is simultaneously "standing" on his Rock, Simon Peter as well as the center of the mountain and the graph.

Mk 9:1c ... "who will not taste death, ..."

Book Announcement

The diagram shows how you can "taste death." This new position sets up the next diagram.

Mk 9:1d ... "until they see the Kingdom of God having come in power."

Book Announcement

The Kingdom of God is something in the raised Jesus (8880) graph ... and the words coming in power, is a name for an amazing construction that fills the graph (not shown here because it would give away the secret). The construction is repeated in verse 10 after which Jesus will embark on the road to Jerusalem, the road to his death in chapter 10. Each apostle can "see" a "Power" which is defined as circles that when multiplied add up to "8880."

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