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The Sacred Geometry Mysteries of Christianity
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Recommended Web Sites

The Online Greek Bible - An absolutely superb site that translates each word in the NT from Greek to English

The Online Parallel Bible - Nice translation site! Navigation menu to 25 English Bibles.

Codex Sinaiticus - The most important online Greek source text in existance!!

Comparing Translations - One of the finest sites I have seen on textual criticism by Ronald J Gordon

Wikipedia - Gospel of Mark - Concordant Interlinear Hebrew OT and Greek NT - rather accurate scripture translation minus the theological bias found in most bibles. Verify their Greek text against Sinaiticus and NA26!

StudyBibleForum - a free resource, open access environment to ask questions and give answers.

Christian Prince - His mission in life is to educate the world about Mohammadism and Islam.

Pacific Garden Mission - The finest rescue mission in the world, helping thousands daily who have hit rock bottom to salvage their lives - provides free food, shelter, clothing, counseling, bible study programs, job help, become a productive member of society through belief in Jesus. Help them, Donate!

Bible Study Tools - Formerly New Testament Greek Lexicon. Used to be a great site. Sad.

Commentary on the Gospel of Mark - by Michael Turton - a skeptical analysis that demonstrates the Gospel of Mark as a work of fiction that can not possibly be historical.

Whatabeginning - An excellent and amazing site on biblical numerology, isopsephia, and number geometry.

Bible Research - by Michael D. Marlowe - detailed info on history of the canon, texts, and versions of Scripture.

The Skeptics Society - an organization of scholars, scientists, and historians curious about controversial ideas and extraordinary claims.

The Jesus Puzzle - by Earl Doherty

The Jesus Mysteries - by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy

The Jesus Seminar Forum - "evaluates every shred of evidence about Jesus from antiquity (30-200 CE)."

The Gnostic Society Library - primary documents & audio lectures relating to the Gnostic tradition

Gematria - published in 1917 by Bond & Lea

Judaism 101 - an online encyclopedia of Judaism, covering Jewish beliefs, people, places, things, language, scripture, holidays, practices and customs - by Tracey Rich.

Richard Dawkins - The most infuential secular humanist author and public speaker of modern times

The Truth Be Known - by Acharya S.

Jesus Never Existed - by Kenneth Humphreys

The Meru Project - the geometric origin and nature of the Hebrew alphabet - by Stan Tenen

Aesop's Fables - Definition of a tale, parable, and fable. Shows how the literary device of fictitious talking animals can teach human morals.

Why I Am Not a Muslim - by Ibn Warraq; "... this book sets out the message that Islam will be a weapon far more dangerous than Nazism since it claims a universal tenet: world conquest willed by an Arabic speaking God." A great book review by Dr. Jan Knappert ... all the objectionable rules of Islam!

Christ a Myth? - by Gary Courtney

Mormons - sites that document the strange teachings and beliefs of Joseph Smith and the LDS church

Geometry Step by Step - by Antonio Gutierrez

Biblical Manuscripts Project - is making high quality images and transcriptions of important Bible manuscripts and early printed editions freely available through the Internet. Development is conducted by biblical scholars at the Religion and Technology Center, which is affiliated with Emory University.

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