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Jesus in the Torah - by Don Shomody ... a very good site with some interesting links

The Secular Web - The monthly newsletter of the Internet Infidels (May 1999 archive with links)

Souls of Distortion - by Jan Wicherink (see chapter 11 of Jan's free e-book)

Greater Things - by Sterling D. Allan

Great Dreams - by Dee Finney

Yoga Interests - Comparing the Mystery Religions

Buddhist Origins of the NT Gospels - by Dr. Christian Lindtner

Sacred Geometry Observations - by Steven Angelo Broome

Celestial Healing Arts - many "New Age" links

Spirit Search - Year 2000 Recipients of the Gloria Award

Jesus the Master - by Tony Garone

Wikipedia Encyclopedia - External links (list of isopsephia values)

FYHTOYE-31 - a German site

SP-INDEX-ALERT - a financial site

Lost Secrets of Early Christianity - by Daniel Washburn

The Forbidden Knowledge - Human Origins, Freemasonry, & more

A Pathway to Freedom - God's instruction book for the mind opened and explained.

The Fatima Code - geometric symbolism and prophecies revealed in messages by the Virgin Mary in 1917

The Text This Week - by Jenee Woodard ... Scripture Study, Worship Links and Resources

Jesus HAS Returned - by Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall

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