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The Sacred Geometry Mysteries of Christianity

Exposing the Truth about the Quran - Vol 1&2

Exposing the Truth about the Quran - Vol 1Exposing the Truth about the Quran - Vol 2

The Revelation of Error
The Stories of the Prophets

by Usama K. Dakdok

Quranic Plagiarism: the wrongful appropriation and publication of another author's language, thoughts and ideas and then representing them as one's own original work. A Lie: an intentionally false statement told by someone who knows it is not the whole truth. A Big Lie: A lie so big, nobody would believe anyone would have the impudence to distort the truth on such a grand scale. Mohammad attempts to trick the victim into believing something major which is contradicted by information the victim already possesses, could later possess, or by their common sense.

Usama Dakdok asks you to carefully compare the people and events in the earlier Old and New Testaments to that of the later Quran. He says you will immediately notice striking differences and outright contradictions between the two. The Quran will tell the big lie that all the biblical characters from Adam and Eve to Jesus were really muslims and that the bible itself was later corrupted to hide the truth!!

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