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The Death of Jesus


Mark 15:33-39

Miracle 23: The Sacred Geometry Story

This story has 7 verses, 18 phrases, and 106 words. Jesus is now hanging from the cross. The whole land becomes dark between the 6th and 9th hours, usually the brightest hours of the day. Jesus cries out loudly in Aramaic. Some of the ones standing by think he is calling out for Elias to save him. One of the standers runs over to to raise a sponge of vineger on a reed to give him a drink. He says, "Leave it, let us see if Elias comes to take him down." Jesus then utters his last breath in a loud cry. The 23rd miracle of Jesus, action at a distance, occurs in the 12 words of verse 38. The two loud cries of Jesus tear the thick Temple Sanctuary Veil in two from top to bottom. The Roman Centurian, seeing how Jesus expired, said "Truly, This the man was a Son of God." The 17 gematria diagrams formed from all 106 words of this story match the imagery of the Greek text.

The Setting: The whole land of Golgotha (Place of the Skull).

The Characters: Jesus, God the Father, Elias, the ones standing, the centurion, a Son of God.

Objects and metaphors mentioned in the story: a sixth hour, darkness, a ninth hour, the entire land, a great sound or voice, a vinegar sponge, a reed, a last breath, the temple, the sanctuary, the sanctuary veil, the truth.

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