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The Crucifixion of Jesus

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Mark 15:21-32

This pericope has 12 verses, 35 phrases, 163 words, and 29 sacred geometry diagrams. It is jam packed with gematria riddles. Jesus and five soldiers have now left the praetorium and the walls of Jerusalem on their way to the place where they will crucify him. Verse 21 says they see Simon and his two sons coming from a field. They compell Simon to raise (carry) the cross of Jesus. This is the first sign that Jesus must have been scourged almost to death and was not able to carry his own cross. In verse 22, Jesus arrives at Golgotha. This is the first gematria diagram that shows how the "Place of a Skull" can be interpreted (constructed) from the "Golgotha Place." After Jesus refuses the spiced wine they crucify him. Verse 24 is the first geometry riddle on how to divide his garments and cast lots on them. Verse 25 states Jesus was crucified on the third hour and three statements later it will help fulfill the scripture about being the third one counted on the cross. Verses 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30 were all clever gematria riddles about Jesus, the two robbers, and the cross. Verse 31 shows the other ones Jesus saved. Verse 32 is a riddle so that when it is constructed the reader will see and believe in gematria.

The Sacred Geometry Story

Setting: After leaving the praetorium in Jerusalem, Jesus crosses a field and arrives at Golgotha, the place of a skull.

Characters: Jesus, Simon the Cyrenian and his two sons, a Roman centurion and four soldiers, two chief priests, two scribes, two robbers, and some bystanders.

The Signs for the "many things" mentioned in this pericope: a field, three crosses, a skull, a place, myrrhized wine, garments, lots, an hour, three days, the temple sanctuary, to see and believe.

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