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14:53 And they led Jesus away before the chief priest.
  And all the chief priests, elders, and scribes gathered together.
14:54 And Stone follows him from afar ...
  until (he was) within the courtyard of the chief priest.
  And he was sitting down together with the underlings ...
  and warming before the light.
14:55 And yet the chief priests ...
  and the whole Sanhedrin ...
  sought a witness against Jesus into his death.
  And they found none.
14:56 For many testified falsely against him.
  And the testimonies were not equal.
14:57 And some, standing up, testified falsely against him ...
14:58 saying that we heard of him saying that ... I will loose down the temple sanctuary made by hands ...
  And after three days ...
  I will home build another not hand made.
14:59 And thus, their testimony was still not equal.
14:60 And having stood up into the midst, the chief priest inquired of Jesus saying ... Do you not answer nothing (to) what these (men) testify against you?
14:61 But he was silent and did not answer anything.
  Again the chief priest was questioning upon him.
  And he says to him ... Are you the Christ, the Son of the Blessed One?
14:62 And Jesus said ... I am.
  (And you shall see the son of man sitting out right of the power) ...
  (And coming with the clouds of heaven).
14:63 And then the chief priest, bursting through his chitons, says ... What further need do we have of witnesses?
14:64 You heard the blasphemy!
  How does it appear to you?
  And they all judged him down, deserving of death.
14:65 And some began to spit in to him ...
  and to cover around his face ...
  and to strike him and say to him ... prophesy!
  and the underlings received him with slaps.

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