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14:26 And having sung a hymn, ...
  they came out into the Mount of Olives.
14:27 And the Jesus says to them, ...
  "For all of you will fall away, for it has been written, ..."
  "I shall smite the shepherd, ..."
  "and the sheep shall be scattered through."
14:28 "But after the 'to be raised' (is) me, ..."
  "I shall be leading before you into the Galilee."
14:29 But the Stone said to him, ...
  "And if everyone (else) will fall away, yet not I"
14:30 And says to him the Jesus, ...
  "Amen I say to you, that you, this day to this the very night, ..."
  "before the twice a rooster sounds, ..."
  "thrice me you shall deny."
14:31 The yet with great vigor he was saying, ... "If it is neccessary me to die with you, no not you will-I-deny."
  And they all said likewise.

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