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The Death of the cursed Fig Tree

Jesus casts a curse on a Fig-tree10The Death of the cursed Fig Tree

Mark 11:20-25

Miracle 22: The Sacred Geometry Story

Part 1: Jesus casts a curse on a Fig-tree: When Jesus and the disciples walked down from Bethany back into Jerusalem in the morning, he hungered (epeinasen). If they had breakfast in Bethany, Jesus would not have been hungry. The gematria diagram of this one Greek word on Jesus going into Jerusalem is the key to the curse. He saw a fig-tree in the distance having leaves. He came to see if there was something in it. Having come he found there was nothing but leaves because it was not the season of figs. In verse 11:14a Jesus says this curse to the figtree: "No longer into 'the age' (eternity) from you, no one fruit may eat!"  Jesus did not say he was cursing it to death! The diagram shows why Jesus was hungry when he made this curse! The gematria diagram shows why Jesus was hungry when he made this curse! All the disciples were listening to what he said. After they entered Jerusalem, Jesus entered the Temple to cast out the buyers and sellers saying they made it a den of thieves. The chief priests and scribes listened and looked how they might kill him. When the sun went down, it became evening. Jesus and the disciples then walked back up to Bethany. The curse was now cast by Jesus and on Jesus. The disciples would pass by the tree in the morning on their way back down to Jerusalem. They had no idea they were going to see a miracle!

Part 2: The Death of the Cursed Tree: The miracle happens in verses 20 and 21, 4 phrases containing 22 words. Early next morning on their way down to Jerusalem, they passed by the fig-tree at dawn (at the rising of the sun) and saw it was dead, withered from its roots. Simon the Stone said to Jesus, Rabbi look, the fig-tree you cursed has dried out! This miracle takes place through four gematria diagrams, one for each phrase. Jesus said to them, "Have belief of God." In verses 22-25 Jesus tells the disciples that anyone one who prays, requests and believes can cast a mountain into the sea. Through gematria, in another miracle, Jesus will do just that. And whenever you stand praying, forgive others so that God can forgive you. Jesus will also do that. Of course he was talking about himself, not the disciples. Name one verse where the disciples stand and pray.

The Setting: the cursed fig tree outside of Jerusalem.

The Characters: Jesus, the twelve, Rabbi, God the Father, Simon the Stone.

The objects mentioned in the story: a fig tree, 5 types of characters, roots, dawn, a mountain, the heavens, forgiveness, to pray, to request, the sea, a heart, belief.

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