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Mk 9:2a ... And after six days ... Jesus takes the Stone and the James and John ... and he carries them up into a high mountain ...

The verb an-af-er'-o means "to carry or bring up." The preposition ice primarily means "into" but is mistranslated in most gospels as "to." The diagram in the book (not the one above) shows how it is possible for Jesus and the three disciples to simultaneously be tangent to each other and also be “privately alone.

Mk 9:2b ... each privately alone.

When “the Simon Peter” and “the James and John” circles are placed as high up into the mountain as they can go, meaning tangent to the inside of the triangle, Jesus has now geometrically lead the three up into a high mountain “by themselves” and is now “before them” ready to be “transfigured”!

Mk 9:2c ... And he was metamorphized in front of them.

Book Announcement

The Greek verb met-am-or-fo'-o means "to change into another form, to transform, to transfigure." The size, location, and nature of the transfiguration is revealed in the next verse. To see how the words perform the "transfiguration" you will need to ... Read the Book Announcement.

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