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The Pharisees Demand a Sign

Mark 8:10-13

The Sacred Geometry Story

This story begins with a very strange sign. As soon as Jesus steps into "the boat" with his twelve disciples, he is immediately in the sections of Dalmanutha! The power of "this boat" to immediately transport Jesus and the twelve is seen again in John 6:21 when Jesus walks on the waters at night in a storm to "the boat" 25 or 30 stadia from shore, then when he steps in, the boat immediately arrives on the land to where they were going!

After the boat beams Jesus into Dalmanutha, four Pharisees come out to argue with Jesus. They demand that Jesus show them a sign from heaven. Jesus then secretly shows the "sign" to them two times but the Pharisees can't see it because they they don't know gematria. Jesus then steps into his boat and he is immediately transported into the "other side." If you know gematria, you can see "all the signs" !!

The Setting: The Sections of Dalmanutha, the "other side."

Characters: Jesus, the twelve, four pharisees.

Signs of Objects mentioned in the story: The sign of a Spirit, the sign of a sign.

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