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Jesus Walks on the Water

Jesus Walks on the Water

Mark 6:45-52

Three of the four gospels have an account of how the disciples precede Jesus across the Sea of Galilee while Jesus first goes to a mountain to pray and then later walks out to the boat across the waves during a terrible storm. In Mark’s version, Jesus goes to a mountain at dusk to pray while his disciples embark in a boat to make a night crossing of the Sea of Galilee. A violent storm then springs up trapping the disciples in the middle of the sea. Jesus walks up to the boat during "the fourth watch" in the middle of the night and the disciples think he is a ghost. Jesus tells them not to fear, calms the storm, and then gets into the boat. The story ends with an inexplicable reference to "loaves" and "hardened hearts."

A sacred geometry story has rules of tangency and step by step construction, and if you play by the rules, virtually anything is possible, even the ability to walk on water! The gematria value of the verses, the words thought by the disciples, and the words spoken by Jesus all combine to create a series of moving diagrams of Jesus as he walks on the sea. The sacred geometry solutions on the following pages will show how Matthew and John used Mark’s story as a template to compose their own versions of the story.

Mark and Matthew's versions are nearly identical except that in Matthew’s version Simon Peter also walks on the water. The earlier story is Mark's version, who according to church father Papias (ca. AD 135) was Simon Peter's interpreter. The hearsay word of Papias that a person named Mark actually recorded Simon Peter's memoirs brings up the following two questions: If Simon Peter actually walked on the water with Jesus, why didn't Peter tell Mark? If Peter did tell Mark, why didn't Mark write about it? This magnificent  riddle proves that Jesus can do anything, even walking on water, using the powers of gematria and sacred geometry.

The Sacred Geometry Story

The Setting: The large boat on the sea of Galilee, a mountain by the sea, Bethsaida.

Real and Supernatural Characters: Jesus, a crowd, the twelve disciples, a phantom.

Signs of Objects mentioned in the story: a large boat, wind, waves, loaves, a hard heart

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