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Verses 37-44 pose the riddle. An accurate word for word translation from The Greek-English interlinear New Testament, available off the shelf from most large bookstores, reveals key information and phrasing that is lost in most English translations.

6:37 Yet answering he said to them ... You give them (something) to eat!
  And they say to him, having departed ... Should we buy loaves for two hundred denarii? ...
  and give it to them to eat?
6:38 And then he says to them ... How many loaves do you have? ... Underlead! ... Perceive!
  And when they knew ... they say ... Five, and two fish.
6:39 And he commanded them to recline into the middle ...
  everyone in "symposiums" ... symposiums on the "green grass."
6:40 And they "fell up." ... Onion beds, onion beds. ... According to hundreds and according to fifties.
6:41 And having taken the five loaves and the two fish ...
  having looked up to heaven he blessed them.
  And he broke down the loaves.
  And he gave to his disciples ...
  so that they might set before them.
  And he divided the two fish to all.
6:42 And everyone ate ...
  and they were stuffed full.
6:43 And they picked up fragments ...
  twelve full baskets ...
  and from the fish.
6:44 And the ones haven eaten the loaves were five thousand men.

The poetic alliteration in verses 39-40 and the most literal translation of what the Greek words in verse 43-44 actually say provide the key clues that enable an enlightened reader to solve this magnificent Christian Sacred Geometry word problem.

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