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Jesus Raises Jairus's 12 yr old Daughter
Jesus Cures the 12 yrs flow of blood of a Woman

Mark 5:21-24

Miracles 10 and 11: The Sacred Geometry Story

Jesus had just returned to Capernaum from Decapolis after he drowned 'about 2000' unclean spirits in the sea that entered a 'herd of pigs.' In miracle 10, which can be seen in diagrams 29b and 34c, Jesus cures a woman who was bleeding from her vagina for 12 years. In miracle 11, Jesus raises a 12 years old maiden who just died as Jesus was coming to see her. This miracle can be seen in diagram 42. These miracles show Jesus had the power over body and spirit, and of life and death.

As soon as Jesus stepped off the boat a large crowd met him including Jairus, one of the synagogue leaders. He said his daughter was at "the point of death" so please come to save her so that she may live. Jesus, some of the disciples, Jairus, and the vast crowd left to see her. A woman with a flow of blood for 12 years came from behind and touched the garment of Jesus. Immediately the flow of her blood dried up. In verse 34 Jesus said, "Daughter, your faith has saved you, underlead into peace, be healed of your scourge." The gematria diagram of this miracle shows the woman was possessed by an unclean spirit. Because of her scourge (an amazing sign!!), she could not have children and bring life into the world.

While Jesus was speaking, people from the synagogue came to tell Jairus his daughter had died and not to bother the "teacher." Jesus overheard "the word" and told Jairus "don't be afraid, only believe." Jesus only allowed three disciples, Jairus, and the mother to follow him into the house. Jesus cast everone else out and said "the child is not dead but sleeps." Holding the hand of the dead child he said "Talitha coum." Immediately the little maiden arose and walked around because she was of 12 years. (The child was almost old enough to be married and bring new life into the world.) Jesus told the parents that nobody should know he raised their dead child to life. (If the authorities heard he raised a dead child he would be called the Messiah and arrested before he could finish his ministry). He said to give her something to eat.

The Setting: The city of the 'other side' (per Matt., Capernaum), and a house inside that city.

The Characters: Jesus, the twelve disciples, a large crowd, a synagogue leader called Jairus, at least two of his unnamed followers, at least two unnamed disciples, a woman called "daughter" possessed by an unclean spirit for twelve years, some healers, the twelve year old daughter of Jairus possessed by an unclean spirit, the girl's mother, Simon, James, and John.

The Signs of objects used in the two stories: the boat, the sea, a twelve year flow of blood, the garments of Jesus, a scourge, the truth, a fountain of blood, something to eat.

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