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Mk 2:23a ... And it happened to him "in the sabbaths" to be going by through the sowings ...

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The diagram shows Jesus is not breaking the Sabbath in any way.

Mk 2:23b ... and his learners began to make a "way" ...

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In this part of the verse the twelve are flagrantly breaking the sabbath in many ways. The 39 Melachot forbids all building and assembling activities. This includes all forms of writing, drawing, calculations and measurements such as ...

Mk 2:23c ... plucking the "ears."

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The Torah says "you can go into your neighbor's standing grain and pluck the ears with your hand" (Duet 23:25) but this does not apply on a Sabbath. The Torah forbids work on the Sabbath. It says "Six days shall you work, but you shall rest on the seventh; in plowing and in harvesting, you shall rest. (Ex. 34:21). The 39 Malachot forbids reaping, harvesting, and threshing. This includes cutting or plucking any growing thing such as a flower or fruit from a tree. You also can't handle any growing flowers or plants. You are even forbidden to climb a tree or smell a growing flower. It is forbidden to separate solid and liquid food from its natural container. The prime example is threshing grain to remove it from its husk, not even one one grain of wheat by rubbing your fingers together.

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