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Jesus Heals a Paralytic

Mark 2:1-12

Miracle 5

Jesus exorcises an unclean spirit that causes paralysis. I have tried to strip the verses of superfluous conjunctions, awkward passive verbs, and participles. Included are the literal prepositions attached to verbs that you just don't see in regular bible translations. They may sound strange but Mark wrote it that way for a very good reason. The koine Greek text also leaves out many words that must be supplied by the translator (always in parenthesis).

The Sacred Geometry Story

Setting: A house in Capernaum.

7 Signs of Real and Supernatural Characters: Jesus, God (the Father), a crowd, a paralytic child, an unclean spirit, four bed carriers, and two scribes.

22 different Signs of objects used in the story: A house in Capernaum, 7 characters, a crowd, the word, a house, door, roof, bed, hearts, sins, Son of Man, the earth, authority, glory, belief, words of dialog.

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