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Jesus Heals a Paralytic

Mark 2:1-12

Miracle 5: The Sacred Geometry Story

This is the 5th miracle where Jesus exorcises an unseen unclean spirit that causes paralysis. After Jesus entered a house in Capernaum a large crowd came before the door and he spoke 'the word' to them. Four men carrying a paralytic had to unroof the roof to enter the house. Jesus saw their belief and the unclean spirit and said, "Child your sins are forgiven." The diagram then shows the miracle of how the paralytic child was suddenly cured and the unclean spirit destroyed.

The text then goes into a quick flashback. Some scribes were sitting there. The gematria diagram shows how they were reasoning things through in their hearts saying "This man speaks blasphemy! Who but God can forgive sins!" Jesus knew what they were thinking. Jesus said, "Why are you reasoning things through in your hearts? What is easier to say, Your sins are forgiven, or to say, Stand, raise your bed and walk around?" Jesus then said to the paralytic "Stand, raise your bed, underlead into your house." He then went out in front of everyone and they said "We have not seen anything like this!" The last diagram shows just what the text says!

The text includes the literal prepositions attached to verbs that you just don't see in regular bible translations. Mark used prepositions to tell the reader how the diagram appeared. Mark was giving the reader drawing instructions. The koine Greek text also leaves out many words that must be supplied by the translator (always in parenthesis). This miracle is a gematria story that gives the reader a view of the Holy Spirit and the Kingdom of God.

The Setting: A house in Capernaum.

The Characters: Jesus, God (the Father), a crowd, a paralytic child, an unnamed unclean spirit, four bed carriers, and two scribes.

The objects used in the story: A house in Capernaum, 7 types of characters, a crowd, the word, a house, door, roof, bed, hearts, sins, the Son of Man, the earth, authority, glory, belief, words of dialog.

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