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Jesus Cures a Leper > Mark 1:40-45

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And a leper comes before him, calling him ...
  and kneeling down, and saying to him that, If you are willing, (then) you are able to cleanse me.
And "having compassion," stretching out his hand, he touched ...
  and he says to him ... I am willing, be cleansed.
And immediately the leprosy came away from him, and he was cleansed.
And snorting in anger to him, immediately cast him out.
And he says to him ... See you say nothing to anyone ...
  but rather underlead, show yourself to the priest, and offer for your cleansing what Moses commanded, as a testimony to them.
  see the "testimony offer"
But the one having gone out, he began to preach many (things) ...
  and to spread through "the word" ...
  so that he was no longer able to appear to enter into a city ...
  but he was out on "wilderness places" ...
  and they came before him from every side.

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