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Jesus Cures a Leper


Mark 1:40-45

Miracle 4: The Sacred Geometry Story

In miracle 4, Jesus cures a man of leprosy by excorcizing an invisible unclean spirit causing his disease. Nowhere does the text say this leper was possessed by an unclean spirit. Instead, ambiguous text, the absence of a pronoun, and gematria reveal it. In verse 40, the leper comes before him, calling him, kneels down and says to him, "If you are willing, you are able to cleanse me." The leper is identified by one noun and one pronoun while Jesus is identified by five pronouns. In verse 41 the text becomes ambiguous which is the smoking gun. Jesus is filled with compassion, stretches out his hand and touches. But the text doesn't say what he touches! Does Jesus touch the man, his leprosy, or the unclean spirit? By applying gematria to the text you get your answer! Jesus then says two Greek words, "I am willing, be cleansed." Verse 42 and 43 get ambiguous again with the word "immediately" and with pronouns. The verses say "immediately the leprosy came away from him and he was cleansed" and "snorting in anger to him, immediately he cast him out." Was Jesus snorting in anger at the leper or at the unclean spirit causing the leprosy. And what did Jesus cast out, the unclean spirit causing the leprosy, the leper, or both? By applying gematria to the text you get the answer! In verse 44 Jesus said, "See you say nothing to no one, underlead to the priest, and offer your cleansing what Moses commanded into a testimony to them." Verse 45a-b said "the one who went out began to preach many things and to spread the word." According to Moses, Jesus and the cured leper were both considered unclean and had to go out into the wilderness. Verse 45c said "He was no longer able to appear to enter into a city, but was out on wilderness places." Diagram 45c shows "he," (meaning Jesus), made an incredible "testimony" to them. Diagram 45d shows they were coming before him in the wilderness from "every side."

The Setting: Jesus is somewhere in "the wilderness" of the Galilee.

The Characters: Jesus, a diseased man, an unnamed Unclean Spirit, Moses, a nobody, a priest.

The objects and actions mentioned in the story: 6 characters, a city, wilderness places, the word.

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