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1:29 And immediately (after) they came out of the synagogue ...
  they went into the house of Simon and Andrew with James and John.
1:30 And the mother in law of Simon was lying down having a fever ...
  and immediately they speak to him about her.
1:31 and approaching, he raises her, holding the hand, and leaves her the fever.
  and she was serving them.
1:32 Yet evening having come, when "the sun" set (near dusk) ...
  they were bringing before him all the ones having illness, and the ones being demonized.
1:33 And the whole city was gathered together in front of the door.
1:34 And he heals many evil ones having various diseases and cast out many demons ...
  and he did not permit the demons to speak because they had perceived him.
1:35 And very early (near dawn), in the night, having arisen ...
  he came out and he went away into a "wilderness place" and he was praying there.
1:36 And Simon, and the ones with him, hunted him down.
1:37 And they found him, and say to him that ... "Everyone is looking for you."
1:38 And he says to them ... Let us go elsewhere into the next village-towns ...
  so that I should also proclaim there, for into this, I came out.
1:39 And he came preaching into their synagogues ...
  into all of Galilee, and he cast out the demons.

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