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The Baptism of Jesus

Mark 1:9-11

The Sacred Geometry Story

This pericope has 3 verses, 10 phrases, 53 words, and 9 sacred geometry diagrams. Verses 1 through 8 gave the title of the book and introduced the reader to John the Baptist. In verse 9 the reader is introduced to Jesus who comes from Nazareth in the Galilee. Then we see Jesus immersed in the Jordan river by John. Verse 10 shows Jesus emerging from his baptism in the river where upon he sees the Heavens split open by God the Father. Then the Holy Spirit comes down from heaven like a white dove, lands on the head of Jesus, and descends into him. Verse 11 shows the voice of God coming down from the heavens. When God the Father delivers his message to Jesus, the power and gematria value of his words closes 'the splits in the Heavens.' God the Father gives Jesus the title of "The Beloved One" and a special construction shows how "well pleased" he is of him.

The Setting: the Jordan (river) in the Galilee.

Characters: John the Baptist, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, a Dove, a Voice (God the Father) God.

The Signs for the many things mentioned in this pericope: those days, Nazareth, the Galilee, the Jordan River, the water, the heavens, the Spirit, the Dove, the voice.

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