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John the Baptist Fulfills the Malachi Prophecy

1:01 A-beginning of-the good-news of-Jesus Christ, ...
  (the)-Son of God.
1:02 As it-has-been-written in to-the Isaiah the Prophet, ...
  "Behold, I-send the messenger of-me before the-face of-you, ..."
  "who-will-build-down 'the way' of-you."
  "Behold, I-send the messenger of-me before the face of-you, who-will-build-down 'the way' of-you."
1:03 A-voice shouting in the wilderness, ...
  Prepare 'the way' of-a-Lord! ... "Make the paths of-him straight!"
1:04 John became the-one baptizing in the wilderness, ...
  and preaching a-baptism of-repentance into a-forgiveness of-sins.
1:05 And they were-going-out before him, all the Judean region, and all the Jerusalemites, ...
  and they-were-baptized by him in to-the Jordan River confessing the sins of-them.
1:06 And had-been the John clothed in camel hairs and a-leather girdle around the waist of-him.
  And (he was) eating 'locusts' and honey of-the-field.
1:07 And he-was-preaching saying, ... "Comes the-one stronger than-me, after-me, of-whom not am-I worthy, stooping, to untie the strap of-the sandals of-him."
1:08 "I baptized you in-water, ..."
  "but he will-baptize you in a-Spirit Holy."

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