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14:25 Together-went yet to-him a crowd of-many, ...
  and having-turned before them he-said, ...
14:26 "If someone comes before me and not does-hate the father of-himself, ..."
  "and the mother, and the wife, and the children, ..."
  "and the brothers, and the sisters, still yet also the soul of-himself, ..."
  "not is-he-able to-be of-me a-disciple."
14:27 "Who-ever not carries the cross of-himself and comes after me, ..."
  "not is-he-able to-be of-me a-disciple."
14:28 "Which for out of-you wanting a-tower to-home-build, ..."
  "will-not first having-sat-down to-pebble the cost, ..."
  ["(to see) if he-has (enough) for (its) completion."]
14:29 "Thus, not-ever having-laid of-it a-foundation, ..."
  "and not be-able to-finish (it), ...
  "all the-ones seeing-it may-begin to-mock him."
14:30 "saying that this the man began to-home-build and not was-able to-finish (it)"!
14:31 "Or what king going to-another king to-enter into a-war, ..."
  "not sat-down first, will-plan if able he-is with ten thousand, ..."
  "to-meet the-one with twenty thousand having-come upon him."
14:32 "If yet not indeed, of-him still being far-away, ..."
  "an-ambassador having-been-sent, he-asks the (terms) towards peace."
14:33 "So then all out of-you, ..."
  "who-ever not does-renounce all of-the possessions he-owns, ..."
  "not is-he-able to-be of-me a-disciple."

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