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Sayings on Discipleship


Luke 14:25-33

This is a parable of two different kingdoms. The crowd in the first kingdom contains all the people and possessions in a persons life. Jesus interviews the crowd as to who can be his disciple. Jesus constructs three different scenarios that end with this answer, "he is not able to be my disciple." He asks the crowd about who they can reject, what they can carry, and what they can compute. The first two examples contain a hypothetical family and a cross. The third example contains a tower, two kings and a war. The applicant must be able to compute a cost that allows one to complete a tower and what to do to stop a war against a king who has an army twice as numerous as his own king's army. The gospel of Luke is written as real life reports of the historical Jesus, not as sacred geometry stories. However, this one seems to be just that, a sacred geometry parable.

The Sacred Geometry Story

Setting: a real kingdom and a hypothetical kingdom requiring computation.

Real Characters: Jesus and a large crowd.

Hypothetical Characters: a someone, a father, mother, wife, children, brothers, sisters, a disciple, two kings, an ambassador, a disciple of Jesus.

Signs of 7 Hypothetical Objects: a cross, a tower, a foundation, all possessions, life, ten thousand, twenty thousand.

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