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21:20 Having-turned, the Stone sees the disciple whom the Jesus was-loving following-them, ...
  who also reclined during the supper upon the breast of-him, ...
  and he-said, ... "Lord, who is the-one betraying you?"
21:21 This-one then having-seen the Stone, ...
  says to-the Jesus, ... "Lord, this-man and what?"
21:22 Says to-him, ... "If him I-want to-remain until I-come ... what (is that) to you? ... You follow me."
21:23 Went-out therefore this-one, "the word" into the "brothers," that the disciple that-one not he-would-die.
  But not did-tell to-him the Jesus that not he-would-die,
  but-only "If him I-want to-remain until I-come, what (is that) to you?"
21:24 "This is the disciple, the-one testifying about 'these-things,' and the-one having-written these-things."
  "And we-know that the testimony of-him is true."
21:25 "And there-are also 'many other-things' which the Jesus did, ..."
  "which if they-are-written one-by one, ..."
  "I-think the cosmos, not itself, to-have-space-for the books being-written!"

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