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The Sacred Geometry Mysteries of Christianity

The Final Mystery
The Name of the "Beloved Disciple"

The Beloved Disciple

John 1:20-25

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The Sacred Geometry Mystery Story

The last mystery in John's 21st chapter reveals the identity of "the disciple Jesus was loving" by an extremely clever series of sacred geometry diagrams based on the imagery of the verses and from the gematria value of the dialog. In the first diagram, Simon Peter and the Beloved Disciple are following Jesus. The Beloved Disciple is then immediately revealed by "the turning" of Simon Peter. The words of the Beloved Disciple then reveal Judas Iscariot, the one who betrayed Jesus. Simon Peter and Jesus then reveal the Beloved Disciple in two different ways with the "words" they speak. In the last two verses, the Beloved Disciple speaks for himself which results in two more spectacular drawings that confirm his identity. The point of this story is that all disciples of Jesus will be raised ... just like the Lord himself was raised!

The Setting: The unmentioned "land" near the shore of the sea from the first and second stories.

Five unique signs for Characters: Jesus, (Simon) the Stone, (John) the disciple Jesus was loving, the one betraying Jesus (Judas Iscariot), and "these" other disciples from the previous story, now called "brothers."

Eleven different signs for "things" mentioned in the story: the land, five characters, the word, the world, books, testimony, and the truth.

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