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4:46a Therefore he came again into Cana in Galilee ...
4:46b where he made the water wine.
4:46c And there was a certain Royal Official whose son was ill in Capernaum.
4:47a This man having heard that Jesus comes from Judea into Galilee ...
4:47b went to him and asked that he would come down and cure his son ...
4:47c because he was about to die.
4:48 Therefore Jesus said to him ... except you see signs and omens you never believe.
4:49 The Royal official says to him ... Lord, come down before my child dies.
4:50a Jesus says to him ... Go, the son of-you lives.
4:50b The man believed "the word" Jesus said to him.
4:50c And he went.
4:51a And already, while he was going down, his slaves met him ...
4:51b saying that his child lives.
4:52a Therefore he asked the time from them in which he became better.
4:52b Then they said to him that ... Yesterday, seventh hour, the fever left him.
4:53a Therefore "the father knew" that it was "the same hour" in which Jesus said to him ... "The son of-you lives."
4:53b And he believed, and all of his house.
4:54 And this again, a second sign, Jesus did ... having come from Judea into Galilee.

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