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The Gospel of John - The Prologue

John 1:1-18

Verses: John 1:1-18

The Sacred Geometry Story

The prologue of the gospel of John, verses 1-18, identifies Jesus Christ as "ho logos," (the Word) with and of God. Jesus also has other titles such as the Light, the Truth, and the Creation. The middle of the prologue, verses 6-13, introduces John the Baptist as a witness sent by God to testify about Jesus Christ as "the Light." Jesus came to his own people, the Jews, who did not receive him. But the ones who do receive him and believe in his name will become "Children of God." The conclusion of the prologue, verses 14-18, Jesus was made flesh (human) so the "children of God" could behold his Glory, full of Grace and Truth. John the Baptist will testify about him in verses 15-18, a gematria filled soliloquy to make God known through the Law of Moses and the Grace and Truth of "the word," Jesus Christ. This gospel pericope contains 33 incredible gematria diagrams!

The Setting: The cosmos.

The Characters: God the Father, man (male & female), John, Moses, Jesus Christ

The Signs of the objects mentioned in the story: the cosmos, 6 characters, life, testament, bloods, flesh, the word, glory, grace, the law.

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