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The purpose of this book is to show that the four New Testament gospels are filled with gematria stories. My goal was to solve virtually every gospel story that mentioned numbers or gave an account of an astounding miracle. That mission is virtually accomplished. Volume 1 has over 2000 gematria diagrams. Volume 2 will have even more. This site contains way less than 1% of my work.

I am looking into self publishing my two books, Jesus8880 on this site and Revelation2368 on my other website. Vol. 1 is now ready for release - as either a site subscription, a pdf e-book, or a more expensive print on demand all color paper back. I am currently consulting programmers and printers to see which option is most feasible. As soon as a decision is made I will add a huge amount of new material to this site and numerous previews. I guarantee, you will be amazed at what Jesus8880 Vol. 1 contains. Vol. 2, the Book of Revelation, for later release, is even more amazing.

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