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Jesus Christ, the Sun of God

The earliest Christians were Greeks and Hellenized Jews who were well acquainted with the beliefs and traditions of the many Mystery Religions of that time. Simply put, the earliest Christians were converted pagans and one of the arguments the early Church used to convert pagans was the numerical association Jesus Christ had with the the sun god Helios.

Jesus Christ, Sun of God

The above diagram shows a circle with a circumference of 1000 units which is equal to the product of the Attic Greek numerals "IX," which are the Greek initials of Jesus Christ (IX). By calculation this circle has a diameter equal to the gematria value of Helios (318), the Sun.

Another circle with a circumference equal to the gematria value of Jesus (888) emanating from the center of the Jesus Christ (IX) circle represents the birth of Jesus (888) from Helios (318), the Sun.

The "proof" of this birth or numerical emanation is that the only circle that can now be drawn inside the emerging Jesus (888) circle must have a circumference of 388 units ... which is equal to the gematria value of O Helios (388), meaning "The Sun."

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