Jesus 8880
The Sacred Geometry Mysteries of Christianity

The Son of Man (2960)

The Son of Man (2960) x 3 = Jesus (8880)

gematria: son of man 2960

The names of Christianity were tailor made for creating symmetrical Sacred Geometry diagrams. The above diagram beautifully illustrates this theory. Exactly three "Son of Man" circles fit inside the "raised" Jesus. The title "Son of Man" had a lot of hidden meaning that cut both ways. The title was a formal Hebrew term meaning "man" and  was used in the Old Testament as a term used to identify prophets.  The prophet Ezekiel was referred to as the "son of man" 93 times in the book of Ezekiel. In the gospel of Mark, only Jesus referred to himself as the "Son of Man."

The Sacred Geometry Mysteries of Jesus Christ
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