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The Sacred Geometry Mysteries of Christianity

What is a Sacred Geometry Story?

In Mark's parable of the Sower, Jesus refers to his parables as "mysteries" that he only explains in secret to "the twelve" (Mk. 4:11-13). Jesus said that if a person could "know the meaning" of this parable, a person would be able to know all his parables (Mark 4:13). The Greek word mysterion means "a riddle."

Mark was speaking allegorically of his own gospel when he put the word "mystery" on the lips of Jesus because every major gospel story was also a sacred geometry riddle. Through the art of Sacred Geometry, the numerical value of words, names, titles, phrases, statements, and verses in a story can be transformed into geometric objects on a graph. The dimension of an object on the graph not only match the gematria value of the words used to create it but the symmetrical arrangement of all the objects on the graph also match the imagery of the story. A verse can contain a key word or name, a drawing instruction, or even act as a pun to describe how a diagram looks at any point in the story. The gospel authors employed all the Greek arts of writing biographies, historical novels, parables, riddles, figurative language, drafting, and sacred geometry and gematria to glorify the "raised Jesus."

The early Christians deeply believed that Jesus had the power of exousia, a Greek word meaning the power to make things happen by just saying or thinking "the-word." In fact, the gematria value of the Greek word legown (legwn),  meaning "saying," is 888 units, the same number as the isopsephia value of "Jesus" (888)!

The sacred geometry masters mimicked the powers of Jesus when the gematria value of the words spoken by Jesus and the other characters in a story were combined verse by verse to form the symmetrical circles, squares, and lines that fit together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle in a Sacred Geometry diagram. Some words in a parable or story were used for imagery while the numerical value of other words, phrases, dialog, or verses could converge in diagonal lines in the form of an "X" or lines in the form of a cross on circles that have the same circumference as the gematria value of the character in question.

You can see examples of how a story was turned into a series of sacred geometry puzzles by clicking on the links in the table of contents to the various chapters. The art of Greek Gematria in its highest form enhanced a story by building a beautiful, symmetrical, sacred geometry diagram that metaphorically "proves" the "truth" of a story or reveals a surprising secret or hidden message.

Vol. 1: The Mysteries of the Gospels

The two earliest gospels (Mark and Matthew) can be read on two levels; one as a historiography of Jesus Christ, the other as a series of sacred geometry word problems where each pericope is linked to the other by a consistent unified theme, message, and diagram designed to illustrate and proclaim the "raised Jesus." The author who wrote the gospel of Luke promoted the newly emerging Christian orthodoxy of Jesus as an historical figure. Luke edited out much of the gematria wordplay that appeared in the first two gospels. The Gospel of John seems to be sacred geometry from start to finish. If my book generates enough interest I will publish much more in a future edition.

Vol. 2: The Mysteries of the Book of Revelation

The sacred geometry solutions to "the visions" of John of Patmos in the Book of Revelation are unbelievably clever and astounding. Volume 2 of this book will show with over 800 diagrams that every verse in the Book of Revelation is a gematria riddle.  This book will reveal the sacred geometry diagram that definitively solves the 1,900 year old riddle posed by the New Testaments most puzzling verse alluding to the use of gematria. That verse is: Here is the wisdom ... The one having reason ... let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man ... and the number of it (is) 666! (Revelation 13:18)

hint: it is both a geometry and an isopsephia riddle!!

See the future Website of Volume 2: The Book of Revelation

The Sacred Geometry Mysteries of Jesus Christ
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