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The Topics section has shown how Isopsephia, Gematria, and Drafting are related to each other. The topics have also shown how all the names and titles in Christianity are connected to the raised value of Jesus (8880). Based on this pre-existing evidence, the thing that ties everything together is the raised Jesus graph. Using the raised Jesus graph, one can convert the gematria value of names, key words, or phrases in a story into geometry objects and transfer those objects to the graph using a compass, straightedge, and dividers. Diagrams can then be constructed step by step by information given in each verse of a story or riddle.

The author and his disciples could have had brainstorming sessions to decide the best way to compose the verses, phrases, and words in a particular story to bring out a set of diagrams that flowed from one diagram to the other to reveal the mystery of the raised Jesus. A quick-witted young Greek using an abacus could add up the the gematria value of the various words, phrases, and verses almost as soon as they were spoken or written down. The totals to many words would be known by heart. The totals of one disciple could be checked against another to ensure accuracy.

In order to compose quick and accurate diagrams, a large permanent grid would need to be constructed. The grid could be inlaid into a large tabletop or even better, be built into a custom made floor. Thin wood disks or cutout papyrus circles could be placed on the grid to work out different scenarios and quickly create new diagrams. When a story was finished, a scribe could write down the carefully constructed words of the riddle. A skilled draftsman could then record the “mystery” in the form of accurate diagrams made with a compass, divider, ruler, and straightedge on ruled papyrus.

Any appropriate grid can be superimposed over the raised Jesus 8880 graph. The above diagram shows an 80x80 grid. Only two signs, (amen 99) and (the truth 72), require a smaller grid. The distance between any two lines can always be made smaller or estimated to construct any given sign. The larger the graph, the easier it is to do a construction.

Today, for an expenditure of $100 to $200, you can equip yourself with all the books and drafting tools necessary to do gematria work. You will need a Greek-English Interlinear New Testament (Nestle-Aland 26 translation), a tablet of standard 10 lines per inch graph paper, a mechanical pencil, a parallel glider, a compass and divider, and a decent calculator with function keys of 1 over x, pi, and square-root are all that is needed to get started. For the serious student, a Computer Aided Drafting program such as Adobe Illustrator is indispensable.

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