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The Sacred Geometry Mysteries of Christianity

The Raised Jesus (8880) Graph

Jesus 888

gematria: Jesus = 888

The second century philosopher Celsus wrote this observation about the early Christians ... probably after seeing something like the above diagram!

I have seen a Christian drawing in which there were ten circles ... separated from one another and held together by a single circle ... And so we hear of circles on top of circles and emanations flowing out of emanations ... but that is not the most remarkable thing about these Christians ... they interpret certain words that appear inscribed between the upper circles ... a larger and a smaller in particular ... and they teach their converts to read the Signs and learn the interpretation of the Diagrams, promising that in so doing they will become proficient in sorcery.

Celsus, The True Doctrine, 150-170 AD

The above diagram shows ten Jesus (888) circles separated from one another and held together by a single raised Jesus (8880) circle ... and so we hear of circles on top of circles! Enclosing the “raised Jesus” inside a square creates a graph which is a metaphor for “the Kingdom of God.” Circles with the gematria values of Jesus, John the Baptist, his Christened ones, the Sea of Galilee, the boat, nets, fish, and bread and many other "signs" can then be drawn to scale inside the “Kingdom.” This book will demonstrate that every single verse in the gospel of Mark contained one or many sacred geometry diagrams. The object of each diagram was to show that the corresponding text told the truth.

In the story of his transfiguration, Jesus had a discussion with his disciples about being raised from the dead that supports the view that adding a "0" to his "living" (bios 282) value would raise him:

And how is it written that regarding the Son of Man that he should suffer many things and be set at nothing (exoudenethe)? (Mark 9:12)

The entire message of Christianity is based on the claim that Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins and that he "rose from the dead" to give us eternal life if we would just believe in his good news. He also told us this message would come to us in the form of parables and signs. Parables are the perfect delivery system for signs generated via gematria. It is no coincidence that the gematria value of all the names, titles, and key words in Christianity were geometric multiples of the raised Jesus (8880)! The gematria lexicon of Christianity was carefully crafted in order to construct Sacred Geometry diagrams. These Sacred Geometry parables can be found in the gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke, John, the Book of Revelation, and even the Gospel of Thomas!

The mathematical metaphor of raising a persons gematria value by a factor of ten is immediately apparent to anyone who has ever operated an abacus. See how Jesus is "raised" using the ancient abacus.

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