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The Sacred Geometry Mysteries of Christianity

The Definition of Gematria

The word "gematria" comes from the Greek word geometria having the dual meaning "earth-measure" and "geometry." The word "gematria" is mistakenly equated with the word "isopsephia" (equal pebble) but gematria is actually a higher level of isopsephia. Gematria goes way beyond adding up the numerical values of the letters in a word or pointing out that the-number of one word, phrase or verse is the same or so many times more than the number of another word or name. The power and mystery of gematria is only unleashed when it is used in conjunction with geometry, graphs, and diagrams. Gematria combines the visual imagery and isopsephia value of Greek words with the dimensions of geometric objects such as the perimeters of circles, squares, triangles, or the lengths of symmetrical groups of lines that converge on these objects so that the imagry of the words match the appearance of the diagram.

An Example of Gematria

FAITH and LIFE ... in the Name of Jesus

Here is a wonderful example of a multi-faceted gematria riddle that ends John's gospel account of the life and death of Jesus. The key words in this verse are in red. This diagram only deals with three of the key words. See the links at the end of the example to see the rest of the "mystery."

These-things but have-been-written so that you-might-have-Faith that JESUS is the Christ, the Son of God ... and that having-Faith ... LIFE you-may-have in to-the Name of-him.

(gospel of John 20:31, circa 90 AD)

Faith and Life in the Name of Jesus.

This diagram only deals with the phrase "that having Faith, you may have Life, in his Name."

  • The first Greek key word is PIS'-TIS which means "FAITH." Having Faith means that one believes and has trust in the truth of a statement or story without the requirement of proof. The gematria value of PISTIS (pistiV = 80+10+200+300+10+200) is represented as a circle with a circumference of "800" units.
  • The second Greek key word is DZO-AY' meaning "LIFE." Most people throughout history have the belief (faith) that all people possess a Soul and that it is possible for this Soul to continue living after death. The gematria value of Life (zwh = 7+800+8) is represented as a circle with a circumference of "815" units.
  • The gematria value of the Name of Jesus is 888. The early Christian Sacred Geometers considered a circle with a circumference of 888 units the historical "living Jesus" ... and a circle with a circumference of 8880 units "the raised or resurrected Jesus."

As the diagram shows, a circle of Faith (800) drawn in the center of the graph followed by alternating circles of Life (815) and Faith (800) are visually tangent to ... the Name of the raised Jesus (8880). The above diagram has a margin of error of 1/10 of 1% which by the Colel Rule of Gematria is invisible to the naked eye.

    Life in the Name of Jesus (coming soon ... under construction).

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