Jesus 8880
The Sacred Geometry Mysteries of Christianity

Short Essays on Greek
Isopsephia, Gematria, and Sacred Geometry

Alphabets and Numerals
Letters as Numbers

Attic Greek Akrophonic Numerals
Roman Numerals ... Letters from the Greeks
The Alpha-Numeric Hebrew Alphabet

The Alpha-Numeric Greek Alphabet
How to pronounce the Greek letters

Letters and Images as Signs

Iota-Eta-Sigma - The Monogram or Sign of Jesus
Chi-Rho - The Sign of Christ
Iota-Chi - The sign of Jesus Christ ... (Jesus = Helios the Sun)
The "powers of 10" in the Sign of Jesus Christ

The Sign - The Mark - the Sēmeion

Names and Words ... as Numbers

The Isopsephia Value of Jesus
A Definition of Isopsephia
... with some great examples from ancient literature!
The Greek Abacus (Abax) ... How it can raise Jesus
(888 to 8880)
The Greek letter Theta (318) and Helios (318) the Sun

Isopsephia Denominations on Greek Coins
Some Greek Words and their Isopsephia Values
Simon "the Stone" (1925)

Names and Words ... as Geometry Signs

A Definition of Gematria ... with an Example
The Colel Rule of gematria
The Gods Zeus, Apollo, and Hermes ... as Sacred Geometry Signs
Zeus, Apollo, Hermes, Helios ... The Theorem of Thales
Jesus - A Name above all Names
Jesus is "The Way" (352)
Jesus is "The Truth" (72)
Jesus is "The Life" (815)

Christian Gematria

His Name, Titles, and Messenger-Angel

The Evolution of the Name Yehoshua -> Ihsous -> Iesus -> Jesus
The Evolution of the Name Eliyahu -> Elias -> Elijah

The Living Jesus (888) and the Raised Jesus (8880) Graph
The Christ (1480)
The Son of Man (2960)
John the Baptist (2220)
Gematria - Bond & Lea 1917 (free online book)

Bible Database (

Jesus = the Fish

The Vessel of the Fish (Vesica Pisces) inside Jesus (8880)
Jesus (8880) and the Sea of Galilee filled with Fishes (1224)

Jesus = Helios, the Sun of God

Helios the Sun in Greek Mythology
Jordan - the River of the Rising Sun
Elias (Elijah) - the Prophet of the Rising Sun
Jesus (888), Helios (318), and the raised Jesus (8880)
The Rising Sun (318, 388) and the raised Jesus (8880)
Jesus Christ revealed as the Risen Sun (3880)
Jesus Christ, the emanation of the Sun of God
The Brothers and Sisters of Jesus
Constantine, High Priest of Sol Invictus, and Jesus
Constantine's Labarum - The Sign of the Sun and the Sign of Christ
More Jesus-Sun Topics are under construction

Jesus = Eternal Life

Jesus (8880), the Christ (1480), The Son of God, Life (815) in his Name
Jesus (888), Life (282) in his Name

The Sacred Geometry Story
Phrases, Verses, and Sentences as Geometry Objects

The Malachi Prophecy - The Prophet Elias is John the Baptist
Christian Midrash - Using the Old Testament to foretell the coming of Jesus Christ
What is a Sacred Geometry Story - The use of Gematria to create riddles (mysteries)
Mysteries - mustērion
Verses and Phrases as Sacred Geometry
The Tools and Art of Gematria - How it was done

Magic Squares

The Magic Square of the Sun and Jesus
The Magic Square of Simon Peter

These and other topics are under construction

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The Sacred Geometry Mysteries of Jesus Christ
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